[Photograph: saltyseattle.com]

Salty Seattle blogger Linda Miller Nicholson created these pizza flowers as part of the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog Challenge. The assignment was to remix a pizza recipe.

The fiori di pizza consist of a tuile crust, a tomato gossamer, and reverse-spherified buffalo mozzarella bulbs. Nicholson says:

Fiori di Pizza are designed to sit at mouth-height and easily pop off their stems in one bite. While each flower represents an entire pizza, the drastic skewing of scale as compared with a traditional pie is a play on quantity, and further, gluttony. Much like many far-greater (actual) chefs (I do not presume to the title) before me, I am on a quest to create the ideal bite. I would rather have one mouthful of perfection than a thousand of mediocrity.

If you like these flowers (and why wouldn't you?!?), you can vote for Nicholson here. [via via @MyLastBite and @TasteSpotting]


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