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Poll: Do You Go for a Corner, Edge, or Center Slice?


A Sicilian pizza from Galleria Umberto in Boston. [Photograph: Carey Jones]

In one of last week's Daily Slice entries (Rose & Joe's in Astoria), I mentioned that I preferred the corner slices of Sicilian or square-cut pizzas. Which led JustinH to ask: "Do you covet the corner slice? I'm a longtime Sicilian fan and have always preferred an edge slice, even the center slice, though messy is preferable in my opinion."

Shazam! Poll inspiration. So how 'bout it: When it comes to square pies, do you prefer corner, edge, or center slices? »

Note: I am not giving you wiggle room this week. In this exercise, you are being offered one slice and one slice only. Which is why there is no "One of each!" option. ;)

When it comes to square-cut pizza, I prefer ...

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