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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

I found myself at Gino's Pizza thanks to Jeff Orlick's Real Pizza of New York iPhone app, whose entry described the place as a classy pizza joint and having slices with a tasty crust that is "pliant, a bit chewy" and "worth your stop."

Gino's makes a good slice. It's of average thickness for a New York slice, has a nice layer of crispness on the bottom, and has a good amount of melty, buttery cheese that pulls away in strings as you take a bite. It's not a life-changing slice, but I'd happily eat it if I lived in the neighborhood or was passing through (as I was, on my way to Little Luzzo's). So thanks (again) to Mr. Orlick for the tip.

Gino's Pizza

345 East 83rd Street, New York NY 10028 (near First Avenue; map)


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