This is one of those rare times you'll see nonpizza food* on Slice. Because if you celebrate Thanksgiving and are even contemplating eating pizza today ... well ... just do the turkey thing! You can start back in on the pizza tomorrow.

On behalf of everyone here at Slice, I'd like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We are all grateful that you show up, day in, day out, to see what we're blabbing about and to add your own voices to the mix. Over the last year we have made new friends here and deepened our relationship with longtime ones. And we look forward to making the acquaintance of more crusty, saucy, cheesy folk in the year to come.

And thank you to the Slice and Serious Eats crew, both in the office and scattered around the U.S. and the world. The site, I think, is looking great with all the new voices chiming in. We're happy to have ya!

Now ... get out there and GOBBLE GOBBLE!

* Enjoy it. Or just wait till it's pushed down the page by more pizza, which will be soon enough.


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