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Dear Slice, Letters from Slice'rsAdam,
Over the past year my obsession with cooking and baking has increased exponentially. My wife, God bless her, has been very patient and understanding as I spend hours in the kitchen working on the day's latest creation, more often than not lately it's been homemade pizza and sauces, etc.

Last night, though, I believe I hit a wall of sorts with my spouse. Sitting at the kitchen table, I told her I was going to run to the store.

"Why?" she asked.

"To get some rye flour," I answered.

"For what?"

"Uh, I found this pizza dough recipe by Alice Waters, and it calls for a quarter cup of rye flour," I said, trying to make it sound appealing.

Then the hammer dropped, she stared right into my eyes and said, "No, no pizza." Followed by, "You're obsessed with pizza, aren't you?"

My bubble having been burst, I took a moment for self-reflection and thought back over the past week or two—geez, I've only made pizza five or six times (not counting a stromboli).

So, I made Philly cheesesteaks and sweet potato fries, which were very good, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking about the dough with a quarter cup of rye flour and what it would taste like.

And tonight, come hell or high water, I'm making Alice Waters's dough.

Here's my question, which perhaps you could make into a poll.... [Done! --AK]

Fellow, Slice'rs: How many nights a week can you get away with making pizza for supper?

Thank you for hearing me out.

—Glenn (Tupper Cooks!)


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