Slideshow SLIDESHOW: My Pie Monday: Roasted Garlic Alfredo, Panzerotti, Neo-NY, and More!

Well, it may have been Thanksgiving last week, but Slice'rs didn't let that stop them from eating some delicious homemade pizza! (Though square_pie did try to combine the two.) On the menu: homemade fried panzerotti from dhorst, a spinach and artichoke pizza from bartonkt, a neo–New York pie from dmcavanagh, and more good stuff from Scott D., Adam Kuban, Tupper Cooks!, and TScarborough.

Think your homemade pizza deserves a moment in the spotlight? We do too! Send us your best pizza glamour shot and a quick description and we'll put it in My Pie Monday next week.

Here are all the instructions you'll ever need.


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