Poll: How Often Do You Order Deep Dish?


[Photographs: Nick Solares]

During last week's poll, we had a number of folks point out that the query may as well have been a proxy vote on NYC-style vs. deep dish. (Though we respectfully disagree, because "not deep dish" does not automatically equal "NYC-style" — think of all the other non–deep dish, non–NYC styles out there.) Anyway, there seemed to be some sentiment for a poll to take on the question of how often Chicagoans eat deep dish:

How about a poll for Chicagoans, how often they order deep dish vs thin. Or some variation of that. I like deep dish...about once a decade. Thin crust, though, is a weekly thing. I suspect most Chicagoans would agree. —Garvey

So: How often do order deep dish vs. thin crust? »

(If you're not from Chicago, just pretend....)

How often do you order deep dish vs. thin crust? (Choose closest answer)

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