Formaggio Pizza owner Fadi Michael puts the finishing touches on a pizza that has just come out of the oven. Yes, the cheese goes on last here! [Photograph: thisweeknews.com]

You know, when I wrote up the old chestnut that is the Slice Guide to Pizza Styles, I originally didn't have "Ohio Valley Style" in there. But then someone emailed and was like, "There's an Ohio-Valley Style, you know." And some googling found that, yes, there was evidence to support it. It seems to alternatively be called "Steubenville-style pizza," named for the city on the Ohio River where it originated.

Today, friend of Slice Phiip Given sends in this link about Formaggio Pizza, a Steubenville-inspired pizzeria making its way in Columbus, Ohio. They bake the crust and toppings first and then add the cheese post-oven:

"You get a better taste of it," he said, adding that Formaggio uses 100-percent provolone. "When you melt the cheese (in the oven), it loses its flavor."

And, yes, provolone. Which is ... whatever ... I'm not going to knock the choice of cheese here. All I'm gonna say is ... Steubenvillers: Have you never had melted cheese in your life?!? Seriously. You could check it out. It's good stuff. How could you forgo the pleasure of it topping your pizza?!?


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