Domino's Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Remember that story from the New York Times about how the USDA, through an arm called Dairy Management, had paid for marketing Domino's supercheesed pizzas? James McWilliams over on The Atlantic says that's not the case [my emphasis]:

At the center of [Times reporter Michael] Moss's story is a marketing outfit known as Dairy Management. Dairy Management, which started in 1994, serves one god: dairy sales. Funding for Dairy Management's domestic marketing campaign does not come from the USDA, but rather from private producers who tax themselves to pay for the organization's marketing strategies. The funds that result are called "checkoff" funds.

So for domestic marketing, the collective of dairy producers paid for the Domino's marketing campaign that started this whole hullabaloo.

McWilliams notes that Dairy Management does receive taxpayer money from the USDA — but that those funds are used for opening up overseas markets to U.S. dairy in general.

For an even more thorough comb-through of the Times story, see Bill Bishop's post on Daily Yonder: New Food Demon: Big Cheese.


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