Di Fara

Keys hang from the lock during the midday break at Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Over on Di Fara's Facebook page (yes, the legendary Brooklyn pizzeria has one), the DeMarco family takes the time to explain the seeming randomness with the midday break, which is scheduled to happen between 4 and 6 p.m. (The FB note, after the jump.)

about one year ago ,due to the high demand and increase in crowds we decided it was necessary for Dom and family to take a break in between the day . There has been some controversy over the lunch hrs and dinner hrs. We understand that the changes in our schedule is not always convenient for most .... Last week several almost customers lashed out on the lack of our being able to give an exact time of our evening re-opening time.....To better help you understand I want to share ..

Several months ago we decided on an intermission time between 4 and 6 oc lock .... What that actually means is that at 4 o clock we will lock the door to prevent overflow as on most days we will still be producing pizzas ordered an hr to two hrs prior .. We work with a certain amount of dough which at times means one can be turned away if too many are pre-ordered ... Our break time is 2 hrs...during that two hrs , a new production of dough is in process and Dom is given the chance to take a very necessary rest..... if we stop at 5 ,this means we will start again at 7 ..if we stop at 4, we open again at 6 ....

Its advisable to place an order with a scheduled time up to 4 oc lock or between 7 and 8:30 ..... therefore one will not face the frustrating situation of finding our doors locked . We understand that it is difficult when we do not answer the phones during our busiest times making it further complicated to get your order in. We will gladly take an order at our window or counter in advance with your requested time so that you can avoid standing on line ...

I hope this helps in understanding the confusion in our business hours...

Thank you for your patience in the way we choose to do things ...We truly appreciate it


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