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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

I first learned of the term pizza bash after visiting New York City for the first time, in 1998, and reading it on a menu at a pizzeria on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Given the context, I figured it was what folks in these parts called a pizza party. A festive term, to be sure, so I was predisposed to liking the slices at Pizza Bash NYC, which opened earlier this year on Union Square West in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, the Margherita slice I sampled for today's Daily Slice was more of a pizza bust.


By looks, it had everything going for it, especially a super, super-thin crust. Really, this is one of the thinnest slices I've seen out there. But the crust was too floppy and soft, even after a reheat. And it's thin on flavor. The sauce and cheese left no lasting impression on my palate.

It's too bad, because in Nick Solares's Neighborhood Slugfest post, Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones mentioned it as being far better than the Bravo or Amore slices Nick highlighted. It may be better, but it's not great — especially at $2.99.

Rating: 3 of 8 (below average)

Pizza Bash NYC

42 Union Square East, New York NY 10003 (16/17th; map)
212-410-2274; pizzabashunionsquare.com


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