Slideshow SLIDESHOW: My Pie Monday: Spicy Cranberries, Nacho Pizza, Wild Sheep Sorrel and More!

Wow, my email box is bursting at the seams! Thanks for sending in your homemade pizzas, Slice'rs!

This week's My Pie Monday is a doozy...we've got a pie from Scott Wiener topped with foraged ingredients from Central Park, a gorgeous skillet-broiler pie from Aya Kristen Alt, a look at dhorst's sourdough pizzas (with a bonus peek at what she's doing with her starter.) And that's just the beginning: thearrogantchef shares a nacho pizza, Jerry Young went Sicilian, and Norma made a Jim Lahey-inspired zucchini-topped pizza. Check out the slideshow for all these and more hunger-inducing homemade pizzas from TScarborough, I Dream of Pizza, Patrick B, Scott D, dmcavanagh, olsonmatt, and Carmine P.

Feeling inspired? Go home and make pizza, and send us pictures for next week's roundup. Here's how to do it.


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