Slideshow SLIDESHOW: My Pie Monday: Roasted Figs, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Ancient Woodstoves, and More!

Wow, it's raining pizzas! Quite an impressive collection of homemade pies from the Slice community this week. Welcome back to My Pie Monday, everyone!

In the slideshow: awesome looking pizzas from Scott D., Gerry from Valparaiso, and Amusebouche1, plus a cool look at an old oven (and tasty pie) from BiereBeer. Our friend Dhorst is serving up pizza with shrimp and stuffed peppadews, and TScarborough has spiced up his sausage pie with green chilies. dmcavanagh has a classic New York pie, and John Wozniak went Roman-style (with some fancy leftovers for toppings.) And that's not all: We've got pies from FredipusRex, Bill CBP, and Tupper Cooks! and a "Pizza Trashola" from Adam Kuban. Did anyone save us leftovers?

If you make pizza at home, we want to include you in next week's My Pie Monday. Just follow these easy instructions.


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