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In Sunday's This Week in Pizza recap, dmcavanagh called out for an open(ish) thread on cheese. Here's some of the talk that started there. I'm sensing there's more discussion we can milk* out of the topic.

@Adam, how about a discussion on cheese this week, we need more cheese! —dmcavanagh

I agree with dmcavanagh--we need to talk about cheese! Mozzarella, fontina, provolone, muenster, and feta (just to get Dave riled up). —dhorst

Feta, did you say feta...would you like that with some garlic too? :-) —dmcavanagh

@dhorst, how about some cheddar, or better yet some smoked cheddar or smoked mozzarella or provo. And, I've noticed that a lot of people are getting into the grano padano (spelling?)! —dmcavanagh

To say nothing of local cheeses with analogues to the traditional. —Tscarborough

...I agree with the vote for a cheese discussion. Just talking about mozzarella is a large topic. (For instance, I don't use the water-packed fresh mozz. anymore because even when I dry it out for an hour on paper towels, it makes the center of my pizza soggy.) So let's all say: "cheeese"... —Teachertalk

@dmcvanagh--feta, of course with some garlic and maybe some shrimp too! Smoked cheddar would be awesome on a "scalloped potato" pizza. I've been using grana pandono a bit and I like the flavor--a bit milder and less expensive than parm-reggiano. I also like Asiago Fresca. And hey, I had a serious love affair last summer with Butterkase cheese. Behold, the power of cheese! —dhorst

Let me ask this then: has anyone used the vegetarian parmigiano at TJ's (or any other)? We're trying to avoid animal-rennet cheeses, and true Parm-Regg requires it (doesn't the Italian government have anything better to do?), so we're looking for an analogue... While were on that, has anyone found vegetarian sausage, salami, or pepperoni choices that are actually edible? —passion4pizza

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* Pun intended.


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