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[Photograph: Lara Bowman]

The Quatre Fromages pizza at Danielle's Wood Fired Pizza in Valley Village is topped with grated mozzarella, ricotta, blue cheese, and goat cheese. It's a cheese lover's fantasy, and a well-balanced pie—no single cheese manages to steal the spotlight.

The smooth sauce is lightly seasoned, fresh flavored and applied sparingly. Danielle's thin crust is flavorful, crisp, and chewy. Carefully charred in a 650°F wood-fired oven, it's tender to the bite and holds up well to toppings. As good as the cheese is, the crust is the star of the show. Danielle's slices start at $2.25 and can be customized with a large variety of toppings. Not bad for a ticket to paradise.

Danielle's Wood Fired Pizza

4822 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Valley Village CA 91607 (map)
818-980-8555; daniellespizza.com


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