[Photograph: A Tavola's Facebook]

The wood-fired, Neapolitan-inspired pizza wave continues to sweep the U.S. Last week, we touched on the opening of Boulder, Colorado's Pizzeria Locale (officially opened as of Tuesday), which had a Stefano Ferrara oven shipped over from Italy.

This week, we've gotten word that A Tavola Pizza in Cincinnati just took shipment on its Ferrara-built oven yesterday. That's the bad boy being forklifted off the tractor-trailer in the photo above.

A Tavola started out as a weekly pizza night that Jared Wayne started hosting at Cincinnati's Take the Cake restaurant in 2009. Attendance was strong enough that Wayne and friends made the leap to open A Tavola.

For more background info, check out Soapbox Cincinnati's post about the place.

We don't have an official opening date from Wayne yet, but judging by the Tavola Facebook, they look pretty close. We'll update you with the pizzeria's estimated opening date when we hear back from Wayne.

A Tavola Pizza

1220 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH, 45202
atavolapizza.blogspot.com; on Facebook


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