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Entertaining Profile of Dallas Pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier

I read a lot of pizza stories every day, many of them written with just-the-facts-ma'am efficiency. But a profile of Dallas pizzaman Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso really stood out during my morning scan. D Magazine's Tim Rogers does a wonderful job telling Jerrier's pizzaiolo origin story:

Jay Jerrier is a jovial Irish Catholic from Boston who, 30 minutes into a profanity-laced conversation, will look down at his clothes and suddenly discover that he is covered with flour. He is also a man given to impulse. For example, one time, without consulting his long-suffering wife, Karen, he commissioned the installation of a rather large wood-burning pizza oven in his backyard.

Jerrier started making pizza professionally during his involvement with Dallas's Campania Pizza and then moved on to slinging pies out of a traveling pizza oven (we interviewed him about it here). The D Magazine story notes that Jerrier is about to open a bricks-and-mortar Cane Rosso in the city's Deep Ellum neighborhood later this month.

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