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[Photograph: Hawk Krall]

One of my favorite pastimes is perusing the zillions of pizza menus I've collected since moving to South Philadelphia. Strange and unusual pizza concoctions abound. While I enjoy the simple pleasure of an artfully crafted plain pie, the wild world of Philly mutant novelty pizza is too much to ignore. Scrapple and egg pizza with American cheese...cheesesteak hoagie pizza with lettuce...we've got it all. Some of these are diamonds in the rough, others horrific or just mediocre.

The chicken parm pizza of my dreams would consist of freshly breaded chicken cutlets oozing with sauce and cheese pulled out of the oven, sliced and scattered over a white pie with handfuls of fresh basil and shaved parm. Isabella's version was basically just a plain pizza with some breaded chicken on it.

On the bright side, the chicken appeared to come from a real cutlet (rather than a hacked up chicken tender). The slightly sweet, fresh tasting sauce and loads of cheese combined with fat chunks of chicken cutlet tasted almost exactly like a chicken parm sandwich.

The crust was soft but not too thickā€”not really capable of holding together all the toppings, but isn't the sloppiness factor part of the joy of eating something like this?

Isabella Pizza

1824 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148 (map)
(215) 551-1212; is-a-bellapizza.com


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