[Photograph: Sean Taylor]

Fascati's New York Yankee–hat-wearing cooks have been churning out pizza for their Brooklyn Heights neighbors since 1971. I chose to eat my plain slice in the 20-seat dining area with a clear view of the TV showing, of course, a Yanks spring-training game.

Following the lead of every other patron, I folded my slice before consuming it. Try as I might, the super crisp crust refused to crack. Instead, the sauce and melted cheese softened the consistency of all but the overly firm outer edge. With the condensed oil from the creamy mozzarella cheese now funneling away from me, I took a bite. The sauce was pretty potent, heavy on the tomato paste, light on the herbs, with a lingering tanginess. The crust could have used a pinch more salt, but overall Fascati is a solid choice if you're in the neighborhood.

Fascati Pizza

80 Henry Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map)


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