Well, if you're not out getting sloshed today and/or if you'll be sober enough to make pizza tonight, here are a couple St. Patrick's Day pizza ideas to get you started. I want to see some shamrock-shaped pizzas come MPM.


Kristen over on Make the Best of Everything cuts spinach leaves into shamrock shapes. Squint a little and you can see them. Not a bad homage to the day without dying the pizza green.


Nummy Kitchen goes through the trouble of shaping the crust into a shamrock and then adding rings of green peppers, which themselves hint at the shamrock shape.

... Or, see if you can find a Pizza Print at your grocery store or local pizzeria:


Like this one from Biagio's in Babylon, New York.

Happy St. Paddy's Day, folks. Don't get too drunk to bake.


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