Pizzablogger alerts us to this great video shot at legendary Naples joint Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. For the truly pizza-obsessed out there, he points out:

[This is] one of the more elaborate and informative videos of Da Michele I've seen. It gets interesting around 1:30, when the tap water is turned on for dough-making. Notice the gentle speed of the fork mixer, the cool "pig trough" metal fermentation bin. This shows that they shape differently here than other VPN-focused Neapolitan places. You can get a bead on the brand of tomatoes they use (looks like the loose purée in the can makes it into the sauce?). Cheese-shredding, pizza-making and then the usual, to-be-expected brew-ha-ha of people saying how good the pizza is.

Thanks, Pizzablogger! [via BrickStoneOven on]


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