In the spirit of April Fools, here are some of our favorite prank phone calls to pizzerias. Here's a pretty tame one to start. The NSFW pranks appear after the jump.

Man Complains About Pizza with No Toppings

Neil Hamburger's Pizzeria Prank Call Compilation

Warning: NSFW due to strong language. Do not play if you're easily offended.

Pina's Pizza Prank Call

NSFW: Say the name of the pizzeria — Pina's Pizza — out loud (softly to yourself, if you're among coworkers). Now do you see why this might not be safe for work?

Radio Host Prank Calls Scottish Pizza Takeaway

'Arnold Schwarzenegger' Orders Pizza Delivery

NSFW: F bombs ahead.

Kung Fu Pizza Prank

Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Pizza Delivery

Tom Green Pizza Prank

Note: We normally don't condone pizzeria pranks, since we believe pizza workers deserve respect, but I think everyone can appreciate the outlandishness of Mr. Hamburger's phony phone calls.


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