'Kitchen Nightmares' Gets 'Sliced' by Damon Gambuto Tonight

050611-150843-damon.jpgI'm mostly known around here as the LA burger guy on A Hamburger Today. It's true, I am a burger devotee, but if you are asking me what food I cherish the most, the answer is easy: pizza. It is my first and greatest food love, and that's saying something. My favorite things in this life? A girl from Texas, my family, and then pizza.

As you might imagine, my New York City childhood is more than a little bit responsible for my pizza predilection. As a boy, my father and I would travel back and forth across the city in search of a slice. We'd ride the Belt Parkway out to his childhood stomping grounds in Bensonhurst to eat what I will always describe as the perfect Sicilian slice at L&B Spumoni Gardens. Sometimes it was a ride up to Arthur Avenue in The Bronx to the strange stuck-in-amber stretch of mid-century Italian-Americana. Suffice to say, my earliest and best food memories are pizza-shaped.


So I am duty-bound to alert you, dear Slice'rs, to my impending public embarrassment. I'll be appearing on tonight's episode of Kitchen Nightmares (gulp)! The folks who produce Gordon Ramsay's tough-love, restaurant makeover show asked for a Serious Eater to sample the reworked menu at the LA area restaurant called The Capri and I stepped up (and opened wide).

I'd hoped this post could a treatise explaining how I was misrepresented through the editing process, but the truth is I just don't know. I'll be watching it for the first time tonight with the rest of the audience—it's on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.

Maybe I'll get lucky and my screen time will amount to just a split second of me gorging on pizza, but however it goes down I'll write a follow up post reviewing the pizza so you can get a better sense of whether Capri makes a pie worth your time. Until then, please be generous with your judgments of my performance; I've never had to eat on TV before, let alone on TV with Gordon Ramsay yelling at a cuddly pair of twins who own an Italian restaurant!

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