[Photo: Carey Jones]

After seeing East Side Pie's website, touting their fine ingredients and farm-to-table ethos, I'd expected a sit-down establishment; but nope, like so much of the Austin food scene, it's determindly casual, a walk-up counter and entirely outdoor seating. You'll find 5 or 6 pies available for purchase by the slice, from predictable cheese and pepperoni to their specials, often with a number of in-season vegetables or locally-made products.

They cite their style as "Austin thin crust" (which certainly doesn't appear anywhere on our regional style guide; is this style a thing?). Of the crust itself, I'm not really a fan; it's thinner than cardboard, tough around the edges. Still, it essentially disappears in the middle of the pie, making the fresh-tasting sauce and mozzarella-Parmesan combo enjoyable on the cheese pie, and the fennel seed-flecked sausage, in big, irregular chunks, the standout on a sausage pie. I'm of the opinion that crust makes a pizza, but I ended up enjoying East Side Pies, even if the crust was the weakest link.

East Side Pies

1401 B Rosewood Avenue, Austin TX 78702 (map)
512-524-0933; eastsidepies.com


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