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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Walking into Famous Hakki Pizza, I was skeptical. The colors of the Italian flag are plastered in front, but the name suggests a less than authentic and not so tasty slice. I was even more suspicious when I walked in and saw the giant poster of Kim Kardashian in the entryway, posing with whom I can only assume to be Hakki Akdeniz himself.

Despite its garish display, I was pleasantly surprised by Hakki's; the slice ($2) was good. The tomato sauce was well-balanced with a mild tang, and not at all inundated with an excessive array of herbs (which I've never really liked anyway). The cheese almost melted into the sauce, but its mild flavor stood out and nicely complemented the tomato. A little heavier cheese-to-sauce ratio would've been welcome.

The crust was solid. Thin and crisp, with an ever-so-slight chewiness, it made a good base for the sauce and cheese. Although, once I reached that handle of the slice, without the help of the toppings, it was leaning towards stale and short on salt.

Turns out Hakki is a champion pizza tosser. I guess my hesitation was unwarranted.

Famous Hakki
123 Essex Street, New York, NY (map)
212-228-1954; hakkipizza.com
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