[Photo: Carey Jones]

There are quite a few renditions of cheese slices at Roma Pizza in Brooklyn's Park Slope: plain cheese, Sicilian, the thinner-crusted square Grandma, the fresh mozzarella slice. That last one ($2.50) was my favorite by far. The herb-laden tomato sauce, though a bit sweeter than I'd like, is topped with creamy, just-browned pools of fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of Parmesan; the crust was a good bit better than I'd expected from a nondescript slice joint, a crisp edge that's easy to bite through, tender and chewy under that (if a little bit dense), well-salted so that it has a lively, bready flavor. Totally satisfying, and priced just where a pretty good slice should be.

Any other North Slope pizza recommendations? Still on the lookout for my ideal neighborhood sliceria.

Roma Pizza

85 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map)


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