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[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Walking through Center City the other day, I thought of Caroline's recent Daily Slice about Joe's and figured I'd stop in for the first time in a few years. Along with a better than average plain slice, this place is known for their ever-changing menu of crazy topping slices (I've definitely had Baked Ziti pizza here) that are proudly displayed in a glass case visible from the street.

I went for the square whole wheat slice topped with crushed tomatoes, spinach, and fresh mozzerella. Hot out of the oven, the pizza man asked, "you lika da truffleoil onnit?" and proceed to drown the entire slice with a healthy pour of cheap white truffle oil, breaking basically every rule of Serious Eats and Slice.

I devoured it walking down the street and it totally hit the spot, the crust nice and crisp from a second run in the oven, delicious with the still-fresh spinach leaves and soft, hot, almost-melted mozzarella. As for the truffle oil, while I agree that pouring it over everything, declaring it "gourmet" and adding 10 dollars to the price is tired and lame, I don't hate the taste of it. In fact, it's right at home at Joe's as a faux-fancy addition to their 3 dollar slices.

Joe's Pizza

122 South 16th Street, Philadelphia PA 19103 (map)


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