WANT! [Photographs courtesy of the owner]

From the jealous little bee itch files: This just in...Oven Envy Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Hey, you, home pizza-making freak! Imagine, if you will, you are invited over to the house of another home pizza-making enthusiast to enjoy some of his homemade pies...

You arrive at the house. You meet. The garage door opens and....and....a commercial grade, Acunto Italian wood burning brick pizza oven is revealed! You are immediately wooed by the sexy, come-hither winking of the fire from behind the curved, arched eylid of the oven chamber; you pinch yourself. This has GOT to be a friggen' dream, right?

Wrong. The dream is real for this Texas-based pizza nut.


The very first bake in a WFO can be tricky. These look delicious.

"They" say they do everything bigger in Texas. In this case at least, 'tis true indeed. A future member of the Hot Seat Club has just upped the ante in a big way and if the pictures from his initial bake are of any indication, home pizza-making heaven may be realized in this lifetime.

Who is this pizza madman you ask? Stay tuned....


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