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Top This: Vignarola Pizza (à la Campo de' Fiori)

A Roman antipasto celebrating springtime, Vignarola brings together fava beans, artichokes, and peas—vegetables which are traditionally planted in Roman vineyards in between the rows of vines. These vegetables grow in the shade of the grape leaves and help to enrich the vineyard soil.

Andrea Dal Monte of Campo de' Fiori (reviewed here) translates this Roman antipasto into a pizza perfectly suited for the warm summer months. We visited Dal Monte at his Park Slope pizzeria where he showed us how he makes the Vignarola pizza, topping the thin and crisp Roman-style square crust with a vibrant tomato sauce, a perfectly sweet pea spread, baby lettuces, arugula, sauteed artichokes, and green beans. Dal Monte artfully finishes the pie with lemon zest and paper-thin wisps of Pecorino Romano cheese. One bite, and you may as well be sitting in a Roman piazza in the springtime, sipping a caffè ristretto, conversing with Fellini. We urge you, do try this pizza at home.

What You'll Need (for one pizza)

*Andrea uses a mix of radicchio, red sangria lettuce, latuga riccia (curly lettuce), and arugula

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