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Snaking down Route 6 on the Cape, there is the ever-present danger that traffic will slow to a crawl. Luckily there are all manner of food shacks, ice cream stands, and souvenir shops that offer reprieve from the traffic. If it's a slice you're after, then Savory & Sweet Escape in North Truro (just south of Provincetown) will make for a supremely satisfying pit stop.

Most of the pizza on the Cape is of the Greek pan pizza variety; a style that is ubiquitous throughout the state of Massachusetts. The thin crust pizzas at Savory & Sweet Escape offer a vacation from the thick crust pies and come by the slice ($2.50) or whole.


Their crust is a little too thin; however, not in an extremely crackery way, but in the sense that there is no rise to the bones of slice. Maybe it's that the slice gets over-fired in the Woodstone oven they use. (These seem to be pretty popular these days. They vaguely emulate a wood-fired stone hearth style oven but are run on gas. You don't get the smokiness of real wood, nor do they get as hot as real wood.) The upside is the undercarriage which is sturdy and crisp from tip to end.

The tomato sauce really makes up for any lost ground in the crust department. Bright and pleasantly acidic, the fresh sauce marries well with the salty and slightly tangy cheese. The crowning components of the slice (by which I mean the sauce and cheese) make this thin crust slice worth braving the Cape traffic.

Savory & Sweet Escape

316 Route 6, North Truro, MA 02666 (map); 508-487-2225


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