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[Photographs: Erin Mosbaugh]

On my way to Coney Island on the N train, I got a hankering for some real Brooklyn pizza. Boy, did J&V Pizzeria satisfy that craving and then some. The guys that opened this pizza joint were the first in the iconic Italian-American neighborhood of Bensonhurst to sell pizza by the slice. Sixty-one years later, they're still serving a mean slice in a neighborhood where you can find some pretty discerning pizza lovers.

We scored a plain slice right as they were taking the whole pie out of the Fish-brand oven, and then ordered a grandma slice for good measure. The plain slice was awesome; the crust was light and crisp, while still offering a nice chew. It showcased mozzarella with the perfect stringiness and moisture—and just the right amount, so that ample grease was no where to be found. The scant amount of sauce added a beautiful, fresh tomato taste to the slice. The pizza benefited from the addition of whole fresh basil leaves and a scattering of oregano.


The grandma slice definitely came in second, although it still deserves high praise. The crust was a little too crunchy and didn't have that same gorgeous chew as the plain slice. As we walked out, we realized we hadn't tried the Sicilian. (Amateur hour—sorry guys). But that gives me reason to go back, and that is something I couldn't be happier about. And fear not, I shall not wait until my next trip to Coney Island to return to this Bensonhurst gem.


J&V Pizzeria
6322 18th Avenue
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY 11204
718-232-2700; jvpizzeria.com

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