The "oven chamber" out back at Sottocasa, [Photograph: Scott Wiener]

Hey, Slice'rs! Just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on this pizza news reported on Scott Wiener's blog. Sottocasa, opened in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago (which is awesome since the owner is of Keste pedigree—so you know they're gonna be good) and is decked out with all kind of DIY touches, including a chamber that extends out into the garden to house the oven. But the big news is how they managed to hoist their two ton plus Italian imported behemoth into place. Scott breaks it down:

It's your usual story about thick brick wood-burning heat chamber imported directly from Italy, but the oven's journey has a very unusual twist. Sottocasa is located in the ground floor of a brownstone near the corner of Atlantic Ave and Smith Street. The restaurant is recessed a few steps below street level but there are no visible obstructions that would prevent the oven from moving to its position near the back of the space. Yet the folks at Sottocasa couldn't just roll the oven effortlessly across the floor and it's the fault of the oven itself.

Sottocasa's oven is a pre-built Acunto and it weighs just over two tons. That's a bit much for old floors to handle, so Luca had to find another way to get the oven in place. Contrary to what anybody thought physically possible, the best course of action turned out to be lifting the oven over the three story building with a giant crane. That's right - they lifted it off a flatbed, over the building, and lowered it into place in the back yard. Insane!

Right this way to the video of the lift...

[Video posted by Luca Arrigoni on YouTube]

Pretty freakin' awesome!

For more on Scott's first look at Sottocasa, check out his blog.

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