[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Over the weekend Grimaldi's made the move to their new location, just around the corner from the home of their longstanding tenancy. The big upset in all this was that Grimaldi's would be leaving their coal oven in the dust, as concern about city licensing raised some doubts as to whether they would be granted permission to install a new coal oven. When the city issued stop-work orders and put a halt on building at the new locale, the prospect of coal remaining king at the new Grimaldi's looked grim.

The New York Times City Room reported that Friday the Buildings Department announced approved for a coal oven at the new location. The Brooklyn Paper went on to report that Grimaldi's reopened over the weekend, with the new oven all fired up, and that the lines are back to their out-the-door usual state.

I see this as a real win for pizza fans. The old oven will have its old owners back as soon as March with the opening of Juliana, and there is the added gain of a new coal oven just steps away as Grimaldi's continues its operation.

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