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Is Artichoke The Shake Shack of New York Pizza?

Artichoke Basille's Grandma Slice, On A Good Day

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Ben Leventhal, co-founder of Eater just published a no-holds-barred smackdown of Artichoke Basille's $5-a-slice pizza over on his blog. To quote:

Let's together agree on what Artichoke is. It's like Shake Shack, really, if instead of perfect burgers, Shake Shack's headline offering was huge piles of melted butter and cream on tasteless crackers.


Indeed, Artichoke is Shake Shack insomuch people are willing to wait on massive lines for three to five minutes of gustatory bliss. Although -- sorry one more point of comparison -- at Shake Shack there is a payoff and at Artichoke the only post-game emotion is the empty feeling that you have gotten a little fatter for no good reason.

He goes on to mention that the Staten Island Slice is actually worth the money, but immediately continues by pointing out that "if you disagree with what's being said here, you need to take a good long hard look at yourself. You do not know pizza like you think you do. That's sad, but fixable. Go to Ben's, have a $3 slice, call me and tell me I'm wrong."

I didn't call him, but I did think he's wrong and pointed it out to him over on Twitter. Here's how the exchange went down:

That's the end of the online dustup thus far and I appreciate Ben's defense of the good old fashioned New York slice—it's what I grew up on, after all—but I stand strongly by my words: Artichoke's pizza is absolutely not good New York pizza, but it does its own thing in an extremely tasty way. Comparing a thick, crunchy olive-oily, lightly charred, Pecorino-dusted slice of Artichoke's pizza to the crisp, pliant, industrial-grade mozzarella, bright-sauced New York pizza of Ben's is a pointless comparison to make. They don't really compete in the same sphere.

Either way, it's a fun read and an interesting take on the line-up-for-anything culture in New York.

I know there's a lot of mixed opinion about Artichoke out there, so tell me what you think: Artichoke, yay or nay?

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