Slideshow SLIDESHOW: My Pie Monday: Garlic Scapes, Smoked Pepperoni, Kabano Sausages and Much More!

Welcome back to My Pie Monday! There's a great group of pies here, folks! Norma and Jimmyg continue to explore the "epoxy method", Dmcavanagh gives the broiler a shot, and Thezaman makes some pizza bones that any dog (or master) would love. Glutenboy joins the ranks this week with a four cheese pizza. (Welcome!) Atmast, Girl Loves Pizza, and Billgraney return after a short MPM hiatus. Glad to see your pies back in the mix! We also have contributions from: Amusebouche1, bierebeer, BKMatt, Noocs121, Imwalkin, TXCraig1, and Dhorst!

It's easy to get your pie included in next week's slideshow. Just take one picture of a pie you made recently, describe your cooking method (in 80 words or less), and follow these instructions to get it to us by 8pm (EST) Thursday. Be sure to let us know your Slice screen name.

Want to see more awesome homemade pizza photos from previous weeks? They're right here ยป

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