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You all have TXCraig1 to thank for this trip down memory laneā€”he emailed Slice this old Garbage Pail Kids image. I was sure I remembered trading the card back in the day for the less subtle Acne Amy. But after doing some digging around, I discovered the card wasn't printed until 2004 as Cheesy Charlie or Pizza Face Chase when the new Garbage Pail Kids series was released!* Prior to that, it only made it into the poster version you see here.

About the author: Meredith Smith is the Slice editor. You can follow her on Twitter: @mertsmith.

*Oh you wanna know more? I happen to have some extra trivia knowledge on the subject.This card got passed over twice! It was initially slated for release in the original series 2 and then again in the original series16, as Guy Pie and Pepperoni Toni. Thanks, gpk.wiki. Now that is more than you ever needed to know on the subject.


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