Video: 100 Pizzas by Tscarborough

If you glimpsed the photos from the Texas Pizza Summit earlier today, then you saw Tscarborough working the peel in front of Craig's Acunto. Check out this video montage he posted over on Youtube of 100 pizzas (I didn't count them, but I take his word for it). That would be nearly two years worth of My Pie Mondays!

In the Youtube post, Tom includes this description:

A couple of years of making pizzas in the wood-fired oven and kitchen oven. For details of individual pizzas, visit and look for the Pizza Anarchy thread in the General Pizza Making Forum.

Representing: Bar pies, Chicago deep dish and thin-crust, Detroit style, dessert pie, grandma squares, Neapolitan, New York slice and Neo-Neapolitan, New Jersey boardwalk, Sicilian, St Louis cracker-crust, 1970's Pizza Inn thin-crust and various blends, combinations, and failure. Bone collectors and Top-Secret re-heating method also included.

Man, that's a lot of styles. I'd feel accomplished to pull off 3 or 4 of those well, but from the looks of the video Tscarborough is hittin them out of the park. I spotted the pizza failure at :55, but is the "Top Secret re-heat" at 1:17??

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