[Photograph: Michael Berman]

It's tomato magic time in NYC: prices are low ($1/lb and up) and flavor is high. Question: which pizzerias around town (or around the country) tailor their pies to fit tomato season?

Today I stopped in at Rubirosa in Manhattan's Little Italy, where Caprese pizza ($17 small pie, $25 large) means homemade stracciatella cheese (yum!), pesto, and tomatoes atop their signature thin crust. It's offered year round—the server told me outside of tomato season they use standard cherry tomatoes—but right now they're layering it with slices of sweet and juicy red, green, and yellow tomatoes. Heirloom? Don't know, don't care. Delicious? Absolutely! This is a pizza worth having.

But where else can lovers of fine pizza experience tomatoes at their very best? It's a short window of opportunity so please, answer fast! Tell us in the comments about pizza places near you that are featuring peak-of-the-season tomatoes on their pies!

About the author: Michael Berman is a photographer and writer based in New York. He publishes multimedia food stories on his blog www.pizzacentric.com; and more frequent, sometimes mundane Twitter observations at @michaelberman.
His photography website is www.msbphotography.com


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