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Top This: Bloomsdale Spinach Pizza (à la Stella Rossa)

If you are not lucky enough to live near Stella Rossa Pizza Bar, you are in for a treat! This is one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Anyone hostile to the idea of piling vegetables on a pizza, get ready for the Bloomsdale Spinach to change your mind. Chef Jeff Mahin's chic take on leafy greens and creamy sauce evoke the best qualities of basic ingredients. The curled leaves of purple kale and spinach—think kale chips on a pizza—laze in a pool intensely cheesy Parmesan sauce. Oozing with garlic confit, the depth and textures of this pie will nestle deep in your pizza memory; you will crave it again and again and again.

What You'll Need

Stella Rossa Pizza Bar

2000 Main St Santa Monica, CA 90405 (map)
310-396=9250; stellarossapizzabar.com

About the author: After nearly a decade in Brooklyn, Kelly Bone landed back in Los Angeles where she writes The Vegetarian Foodie. She spends the rest of her time designing office cubicles... you might be sitting in one right now! Follow her on Twitter at @TheVegFoodie

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