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Singapore Pizza Hut's Ring of Fortune Chinese New Year Pizza


[Image: Pizza Hut Singapore]

Despite pizza's coin-like form and its 8 auspiciously numbered pieces, it is typically overlooked as a mainstay at Chinese New Year's feasts. Thanks to Pizza Hut Singapore, however, pizza now has a place at the table.

Prosperity is the theme of this new specialty pie. According to the Pizza Hut menu the Fortune Pizza "comes with a flavorful sauce made of golden pumpkin paste and taro bits to symbolize gold and a gold year ahead. Topped with pineapples for prosperity, as well as dices BBQ chicken and mushrooms, it's taste of fortune everyone will love."


[Image: Via morsels.com]

I like this close up shot that shows the double cheese filled crusts and really gives the cornflake crust its photographic due.

[Via: Food Beast]

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