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5 Valentine's Day Recipes for Dessert Pizza

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So does dessert pizza really count? We wondered the same thing in a poll back in 2010, but consensus was elusive. Last year, our very own Erin Jackson issued a heartwarming manifesto in its defense, proudly declaring:

Dessert pizza will always have a pizza my heart.

Sure, these 5 "pizzas" may have virtually nothing to do with the real thing. But they (a) taste delicious, (b) look pretty cool, and, best of all, (c) they are fun to say out loud. See all five of these beauties (plus one freaky BONUS pizza) in the slideshow »

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Cakespy's Pizza Pie Dessert
How to Make a Pizookie, or a Pizza-Cookie
Nutella, Berry, and Ricotta Stuffed Pizza
Sweet Cinnamon Pizza
Peepza Rustica: Peeps + Pizza Rustica

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