[Photograph: Scott Wiener]

Hordes of pizza fanatics are poised to invade Las Vegas on March 19 for the 29th Annual International Pizza Expo.

I just have one question.


What, seriously? No go? Here, try this:

2013 International Pizza Expo Promo

Sounds pretty incredible, right? Because there's nothing like deep-bass-tribal-gregorian-warfare-metal to get you in the mood for pizza.

If you're still on the fence, give this a good chew: $180 will buy you a three-day pass to the convention, where you can enjoy loads of free samples (though Scott Wiener recommends proceeding with caution), take educational seminars, watch the highly competitive International Pizza Challenge and, my personal favorite, attend the Wold Pizza Games. They're kind of off the chain.

Not convinced? Here's a little somethin' to sweeten the deal:

2012 Individual Acrobatics Champion Kazuya Akaogi

About the author: Niki Achitoff-Gray is the editor of Slice and a part-time student at the Institute of Culinary Education. She's pretty big into pizza. Also, she likes offal. A lot.


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