Need I say more? Because this quote from Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer pretty much covers it...

With today's avid gamers and busy modern families gathering around their gaming consoles as much as they gather around a dinner table, we felt this was a natural next step for Pizza Hut as we continue to own the digital ordering experience for pizza lovers everywhere.

Before you go ahead and get yourself in too much of a tizzy, keep in mind that—for now, at least—it's still a whole lot easier to pause your game/movie to place an order on one of the other myriad devices you undoubtedly possess than it is to quit the program, switch to the Pizza Hut app, and then launch your original activity all over again. This article from Forbes does a pretty good job of detailing the concept's downsides.

Then again, I guess if your smartphone AND your laptop AND your tablet all simultaneously die and your claw reacher just can't seem to get a firm grip on that charger across the room, and you're really settled into the cozy butt imprint on your couch, then...sure? I guess this makes sense? Anyone out there feeling amped about this particular development?

About the author: Niki Achitoff-Gray is the editor of Slice and a part-time student at the Institute of Culinary Education. She's pretty big into pizza. Also, she likes offal. A lot.


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