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Top This: The Hellboy (à la Paulie Gee's)

Three years ago, Paulie Giannone told then-music supervisor Mike Kurtz he could apprentice at his newly opened pizzeria, Paulie Gee's. Mike told Paulie, "Next week, when I come in, I'm going to bring my condiment." The first day of his apprenticeship, in walked Mike with a bottle of his homemade chile-infused honey.

It wasn't long before the two pizzaioli figured out that the chile and vinegar-spiked honey and Paulie's Dellboy pizza (a salty, meaty, piquant pizza made with spicy sopressata, fresh mozz, and parmigiano reggiano) were a match made in pizza heaven. And that's how the aptly named Hellboy, a must-order pie on the Paulie Gee's menu, was born.

Click through the slideshow to learn how to make the Hellboy at home.


Mike and Paulie showing off their gorgeous pie

What You'll Need (for one pizza)

Paulie Gee's

60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222 (map)
347-987-3747 pauliegee.com

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