Top This: The Village Deep Dish Pie (à la Union Pizza Company)

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Learn how to work a new topping onto your pies.

The Village, stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, five cheeses, and rich tomato sauce [Photographs: Kelly Bone]

People come to Los Angeles to fulfill their dreams. Some find success in films; others find success in kitchens. Few find it in both. While Bruce Markoe claimed the helm of a Hollywood editing bay, he longed for one of LA's shortcomings: deep dish pizza. After years cultivating his recipes, an irresistible opportunity opened up adjacent to his offices at Marvel Studios, so he took the plunge. With a firm but supportive push from his friends and family, Markoe opened Union Pizza Company.

A Bay Area native, Bruce cites hometown favorites Zachary's and Little Star as his inspiration. His own deep dish pizza is held together by a thin but supple crust, filled to the brim with layered toppings, a five-cheese blend, and a thick, pulpy sauce—this is literally a pizza pie.

The Village is loaded with Zoe's natural pepperoni, Marisa's Italian sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, thick sauce, and a pound of cheese. Bruce pays special attention to the meats, with a technique that ensures his pie stays crisp and light. As light at a five pound pool of pizza can be, that is.

What You'll Need

Union Pizza Company

1570 Rosecrans Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (map)

About the author: After nearly a decade in Brooklyn, Kelly Bone landed back in Los Angeles where she writes The Vegetarian Foodie. She spends the rest of her time designing office cubicles... you might be sitting in one right now! Follow her on Twitter at @TheVegFoodie