Pink Panther Pinkaroni Pizza

[Photograph: Games and Cartoons For Kids]

Our favorite fuschia-hued troublemaker from Saturday morning cartoons of times past returns to the screen on Cartoon Network. What's he up to this time? Why, pizza making of course!.

Pink Panther Pizza Face

The video takes full advantage of its medium and—unsurprisingly—whacky hijinks ensue. Dough gets tossed all the way into space (to the delight of aliens) and when it comes back down for a landing, happens to take Pink's face with it.

Pink Panther Pizza Painting

It seems like there was a Botticelli inside the Panther all along, just waiting for the right medium of expression. That pie belongs in a gallery!

Pink Panther Pizza Pie

Lively ovens and anthropomorphized garlic wreak havoc on Pink Panther's kitchen, but ultimately leave him with a I'm a little skeptical when it comes to those pastel oblongs, but he seems to enjoy himself. I would be very curious to see the pie that would come of anyone following along with him, but I'd have to recommend eschewing the guidelines in this video and maybe checking out some of our recipes instead.

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[Video: Games And Cartoons For Kids]

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