[Photograph: Lou Malnatti's Pizzeria]

Jon Stewart's epic anti-Chicago pizza rant on the Daily Show last week was the spark for an ensuing conflagration, a new excuse to reignite the age old Chicago vs. New York debate. This week, Marc Malnati, owner of famed Chicago institution Lou Malnati's Pizza, took a trip to New York and joined the fray.

In the video, he pokes some fun at the Freedom Tower's "tallest building" status, and samples two NY slices. Disappointed in the thin, flimsy slices, he heads to the Daily Show studio, to throw down the gloves and offer to make Jon Stewart a real Chicago pizza. Publicity stunt? Sure, but we'll watch it anyway.

Watch the Video

[Video: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria]

About the author: Kate Andersen is a Contributing Editor for Slice.


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