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Last time we were together like this, digging into our likes and dislikes when it comes to this magical thing called pizza, I wanted to know: which is most important in making a good pie? Crust, sauce, or toppings/cheese? Clearly a balance of all three is the best, but what needs to be good to make a pizza at all worth eating? With a whopping 1,203 votes total, the clear winner was crust with nearly 70% behind it. Check out the comments to dig into all of the rationalizations and thinking that went into the decisions.

Now, truffles. I'm talking real, fresh truffle here, not oil or salt or something that isn't really truffle but a chemical reproduction thereof (which Kenji covers in his epic anti-truffle oil rant, and an older poll addresses). If you see a pie on a menu, with a truffle cheese, real truffle butter, or actual whole slices of truffle...do you go for it? Or turn your head in disdain? Or does it not even register on your radar? Do truffles belong on pizza?

And if you're in the pro-truffle camp, you might want to check out this and this!

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