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It's only in the past few years that I've grown into really liking beets, and since the shift I haven't had the opportunity to try them on a pie—but I have been seeing some really stellar looking beet pies recently, in our MPM submissions and beyond. It was getting me pretty curious...what would they be like as a topping? And how did people feel about them in general?

Well, 306 of you responded, and the results were pretty divided. 34%, the winning faction, liked beets but weren't sure about them on pizza, while the more extreme groups of yes please/no way had a pretty even split, with 25% and 27% of the votes respectively. Beets or beet powder in the sauce, beets with goat cheese, beets on white pies—the basic consensus seems to be that beets can be pretty great on pizza, as long as you carefully consider your flavor profile. Great that is as long as you're one of the crowd I used to belong to, who only taste dirt.

So! On to something more universally palatable—sometimes pizza comes to us perfect, needing no tinkering or messing around with whatsoever. However, more often than not we find ourselves adding a little of this or a little of that. Whether you're a spice fanatic and pour on the chili flakes, or you can't get enough garlic, pizzeria seasonings are a staple for a reason: it makes getting that perfect, individual slice just a little bit easier.

That's why this week I want to know, what do you season your slice with?

About the author: Kate Andersen is a Contributing Editor for Slice.


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