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What's Up in Pizza: Pizza Feminism, Jimmy Kimmel as Pizzaiolo, and More!


[Photograph: Pizza Feminism]

I have to thank the AV Club for bringing this one to my attention: it's the relatively new Tumblr, Pizza Feminism. The premise, like so many wonderful, random internet things, is pretty simple—take quotes from feminist icons, replace certain key words ("power", "gender", "body") with "pizza", and superimpose them on a shot of said pizza. For clarification purposes, the original quote is always included in the posts. The overall effect is exactly what the subtitle of the blog—A Slice of Feminist Fun—promises; a slyly funny and fresh look at feminism (and a reminder that it's 100% okay for girls to eat pizza in front of boys).


[Photograph: Pizza Feminism]

Continuing the earnest-but-lighthearted streak, it seems that Jimmy Kimmel isn't half bad as a pizzaiolo. Last Friday, the late-night host made up a pie for Oprah Winfrey, who snapped a few before and after shots on her Instagram account. "Honestly one of the top 3 pizzas I've ever tasted..@jimmykimmel #delicious #greatchef," captioned Oprah. It seemed the pie (which seriously looks pretty good) made a lasting impression on Oprah, prompting a next day follow-up tweet, "still thinking about that mozzarella."


[Photograph: Oprah Winfrey/Instagram]

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